Drug addiction cases are on the rise. According to World Health Organization, the number of drug addiction cases has increased by 32% in the last seven years.

It is important that you choose the right facility for yourself or loved one whenever you are choosing a treatment centre for alcohol and drug addiction. Not only should a program deliver high quality treatment but it should also be a place where the individual feels comfortable and safe whenever they are going through recovery and detox.

There are several treatment centres that claim to have holistic programs; hence it is worth exploring such claims a bit further.


“Holistic” comes from the word “whole” so it is never a surprise that a holistic approach in treatment of addiction will be focussed on healing and treating the body, mind and spirit of an individual.

At times, the word holistic is used to refer to homeopathic or an alternative medicine therapy such as reiki, yoga, meditation, etc. Most of the drug rehab facilities are known to incorporate homeopathic methods though that is never the same as offering the holistic treatment model. Immediately you realize that you or your partner is suffering from drug rehabilitation, it is advisable to seek for help immediately. Some drug rehabilitation centres that focus on different aspects of treating substance abuse and all have the aim of helping addicts to kick their addiction habits and return to their normal lives. There are facilities which conduct therapies on the basic level while some narrow down on a certain age, drug or gender with the main aim of making treatment more efficient.

It is important that you choose a holistic addiction treatment center that will offer you holistic and quality rehabilitation. Here are three aspects you need to consider when choosing an addiction centre.

1. The Types of Drug Rehab Facilities

There are two types of rehab facilities; alcohol and drug treatment centres- inpatient and outpatient. The inpatient centres are known to offer treatment for severe addiction cases which have put someone’s life at risk or have threatened the damage of the individuals’ health irreparably. Most of the drug rehab centres have in the past opted for the residential type of infrastructure that have helped other users feel more comfortable. The outpatient facilities will require one to attend some hours of therapy where the recovery programs after which the patients will be able to return home. Such facilities are known to offer both individual and group sessions. When choosing an inpatient drug rehabilitation facility, it is important that one considers the distance from the family and friends, flexibility of the centre concerning the rules and regulations, support and cost during the treatment period.

2. The Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Approach

There are facilities for example that when treating dependence of alcohol can allow the addicts to smoke cigarettes while others complete a ban on any drugs during the period of treatment. Treatment at rehabilitation centres depends on an institution and the additive’s condition.

3. Drug Rehab Nutrition

For an individual to fully recover from an addiction, it is important that one have a proper nutrition that will ensure drug rehabilitation is successful and that the individual does not relapse. If an institution does not adhere to a healthy diet whenever one is in a drug rehab, there are high chances the individual suffering from deficiencies may take longer time to recover or can even lead to depression.

It is important for one to ensure that the drug rehabilitation centre offers enough life skills that will enable one to lead a sober life after the integration process. Ensure the centres will also be supporting the patient during the entire process. Stopping substance abuse may be difficult. However, your unconditional understanding and love is able to help the patient recover much faster. It is important for one to choose a rehab facility that has excellent reputation.

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