Like when taking ordinary drugs such as cocaine, refusing to follow a doctor’s direction in using prescription drugs can also be detrimental to a person’s health. There are many possible side effects to abusing prescription drugs, so it is important to better understand these side effects.

From opiates, stimulants, depressants, or a combination of the three come these serious side effects. If you or somebody you know is experiencing one of these side effects, talk to a specialist at a drug rehab center as soon as possible. The drug abuser could only be experiencing one or two of these side effects, but it does not mean that proper action should not be taken.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are the most obvious sign of prescription drug abuse. One moment, the user may be calm and peaceful, and could change instantly into adopting an aggressive behavior the next moment. The prescription drugs that cause mood swings can be addicting, and therefore, they can happen often in order for the user to feel the way that the prescription drug intends.

Not Enough Or Too Much Sleep

A prescription drug will definitely affect a person’s sleeping habits. Some prescription drugs have the abilities to keep you asleep for a long period of time, while other drugs cause insomnia, meant to keep you awake for a long period of time. The individual taking one of these prescription drugs will want to fall asleep or stay awake amid the side effects that prevent him or her from doing, thus he or she may take other drugs with opposing effects.


It is important to read the label for directions or follow your doctor’s guidelines for side effects such as anxiety, as anxiety will cause individuals to feel worried, nervous, and uneasy. When people are not careful or aware, they will take the prescription drug just to feel better or easier, when in reality, the opposite is going to happen because of the side effects that the prescription drug has.


One of the most common side effects in prescription drug abuse is drug overdose, created by a constant combination of opiates, stimulants, and depressants. Another way to get overdose is to build up a knack for the prescription drug, to feel the same way all the time instead of the prescribed times of day to take the drug. An excessive dose of a drug can be too much for one person’s body to handle, and overdosing is widely known to be deadly to one’s health or even one’s life.

If you or somebody you know is experiencing these side effects, contact a drug rehab center for advise. Other signs of a prescription drug overdose include the following:

Unstable behavior – A person can act out of place or out of character in result of a drug prescription overdose.

Hyperactivity – Drugs that include stimulants can result in hyperactive behavior by the person that is taking it.

Confusion – The abuse of a prescription drug may result in confusion, being unable to think clearly or maintain a sense of self-awareness.

Subpar hygiene – With a need for a prescription drug may hinder an individual’s needs to maintain personal care. Be sure to maintain a hygiene schedule of washing hands, brushing teeth, brushing hair, showering, and other self grooming procedures.

Becoming clean should be the most important thing to do if you or somebody you know is subject to abusing prescription drugs, or a possible addiction may occur. When an individual becomes addicted to prescription drugs, the one and only cure that is available is rehabilitation.

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