There is an increase in the number of people being addicted to crack cocaine. According to recent research in the US, the number of people addicted to crack cocaine has increased by 30 % in the last five years.

The use of cocaine can quickly turn into addiction especially to people who uses it on a frequent basis. Seeking treatment is essential for people who are unable to stop using the cocaine crack and the dangerous effects of the substance use will be longer when you do not undergo treatment. According to recent research conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the crack refers to processed cocaine which has been made into a rock crystal that can easily be smoked. For one to maintain their high, they will have to take their drug frequently within a shorter period of time. Here are five ways that will help you recognize you are in need of crack cocaine addiction treatment.

1. Tolerance

In case you start abusing crack cocaine in a certain amount then you later realize the same amount no longer causes similar effects for you, you will be experiencing tolerance to the substance. Your body is no longer responding to the same cocaine amount since you are getting used to the effects thereby becoming more addicted. Without undergoing crack cocaine addiction treatment, you will start abusing higher doses whenever you are using it and will never be able to stop on your own.

2. Experiencing an Overdose

According to recent research by the National Medicine Library, confusion, stroke, sudden death, kidney damage, sweating, irregular heartbeats and seizures are common with higher crack cocaine doses. An overdose of crack cocaine is extremely dangerous and you will have to be rushed to hospital in order to avoid any deadly effect. It is always important that you seek treatment whenever you take an overdose of crack cocaine.

3. Exercising the Binge Crash Cycle

In case the use of crack cocaine has made you lose an important relationship or job, then there are high chances you are addicted. The binge cash cycle refers to a cocaine abusing method which will quickly lead to addiction. It is where an individual will abuse the drub substance more frequently over a certain period of time before they eventually crash. It is extremely dangerous for both the body and the mind and it shows the person’s pattern of abuse is getting worse and will continue worsening as time goes by.

4. Withdrawal symptoms

According to recent research results conducted by the Centre for Substance Abuse, cocaine withdrawal symptoms include intense craving for the drug, fatigue, irritability, depression and anxiety. Your mind and body will already be dependent on the drug whenever you start experiencing such symptoms every time if fail to abuse cocaine. Most of the individuals who are addicted to using crack and other cocaine forms are known to have mental health issues and in most cases attention deficit disorder and depression.

5. Experiencing Lots of Monumental Problems in Your Life

You are already addicted in case you are experiencing some of the below issues as a result of cocaine use

  • Arrested
  • Experienced Financial Problems
  • Lost your job
  • Lost an important relationship
  • Reprimanded in school

Whenever any of the issues listed above happens to you as a result of crack cocaine abuse, it is time to seek treatment. Crack addiction is known to have several signs which can easily be noticed and every individual will always display different signs in regard to the type of addiction.

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