Today, a huge population have at one time used drugs and alcohol or are currently abusing drugs and alcohol. Recent research in the US reveals up to 30% of the entire population hat at one point abused drugs and alcohol or are doing the same.

There are people who have never experienced addiction of any type. For such people, it can be very hard for them to understand the logic behind abuse of drugs and alcohol. However, with the increasing use of drugs, it is important that people dig deeper and get reasons why most people are being addicted to drugs and alcohol. There are several reasons why people become addicted to drugs and alcohol, in this article, we will only cover the seven major reasons.

1. Individuals who suffer from Depression, Bipolar disorder, anxiety of other mental illness Use alcohol and drugs to help ease their suffering

Mental illness can be a great burden to some people. They will always try their best to relieve themselves from the pain. Use of alcohol and drugs can temporarily make an individual to feel normal again as they used to feel in the past. Mental illness is very scary for people who are experiencing it; hence they are always afraid of sharing their situation with a family member or a doctor for assistance resorting to solving the problem on their own.

2. People See Their Friends, Family Members or Role Models using drugs

As young adults and teenagers, it is easy to think that drugs and alcohol abuse can be controlled and handled especially if they see people they know doing the same. It is easier for people to rationalize, for example, my friend has been doing this for some years and he is okay. Music and entertainment is full of drug a reference which adds on rationalization that drug use is okay. People with a family background of alcohol or drug abuse are likely to develop an addiction compared to one whose family has no addiction problem.

3. There Are People Who Become Bored and Hope Drug Use Will Help

Boredom is an important factor in drug abuse among the young adults and the teens. Most of the people in this age bracket never have jobs or bills and all the stresses that most adults face. Hence, it is always easier for them to become bored and try something new. Use of drugs always comes to their mind as a way of escaping mundane world.

4. Drugs Will Help Relieve Stress

The current world is full of stresses and strains that people never experienced in the past. Although most of the things are now easier things in life, the burdens are much higher. Holding a job, maintaining a household and having a family are considered to be huge stress factors.

5. People are at times Physically Injured and unintentionally hooked on Drugs

Most of the people who are at risk of this are physical labourers, the old and any person with a pre existing injury. There are people who were born with chronic pain due to deformities. Doctors are known to prescribe drugs for what they are meant for which can easily make a person build a dependency especially in case drug makes them feel better.

6. Using Drugs to Help Cover Painful Memories in the Past

There are people who are known to go through traumatic events in their life and turn to drugs to help in covering the horrible memories. Kids are usually known to be highly susceptible to trauma whether emotionally or physically and the feelings can haunt them later in their adulthood.

7. Drugs will Help Them Fit in

People would want to fit in and feel the same as their crew whenever they are hanging out with their friends. In case others are doing drugs or drinking, it is much easier for someone to fall into trap. Peer pressure is known to be a great factor in forcing someone to try thing that they would not.

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