Asking for help is never easy for some people; in fact, for addicts and alcoholics this can often be the hardest part of getting clean and sober, but it’s essential if you want to start a new life. Sometimes feelings of guilt, fear, shame, or pride can get in the way of making that phone call, but in most cases it can save your life. Our caring and compassionate staff at the Northern Arizona Center for Addiction understands what you or your loved one are going through and we can help.

Here at our qualified treatment center, we give all our clients the tools to start living a life with a new, healthy outlook.

Admissions Process 

  1. The first step of the process is to make the call. You will be connected to a caring professional who worksnaca treatment, naca drugs, naca rehab, northern arizona center for addiction, northern arizona center of addiction, addiction rehab, best rehab in the us, best treatment center, opiate rehab, herion rehab, meth rehab, cocaine rehab, meth detox, cocaine detox, heroin detox, alcohol abuse detox, alcohol rehab, alcohol treatment center, treatment centers in arizona, treatment centers in new york, treatment centers in new jersey, heroin addiction help, cocaine addiction help, get help for addiction, fight addiction now on-site. He or she will go over some basic information as well as some questions about your substance abuse history to figure out what led you to seek professional treatment help.
  2. A counselor will speak to you in order to provide a pre-screening.
  3. Insurance and payment options will be discussed.
  4. A list of permitted items will be discussed over the phone.
  5. An admission date will be set. Same day admission may be possible depending on where you live.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction or alcohol abuse, don’t wait, call us today. One of our caring professionals at the Northern Arizona Center for Addiction will be happy to walk you through the process to get help.


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