It’s fun to drink and it’s even fun to drink with friends. That’s what a lot of people feel, films and television reinforce it. Drinking is fine if it doesn’t disrupt regular life. The problem is when the casual drinking becomes alcohol addiction.

How alcohol abuse works

When a person starts drinking too much too often, the cycle of alcohol abuse starts. They stop having control over drinking. Alcohol cravings affect ability to work and concentrate. Such people can become extremely irritable, picking up fights easily. It may strain their relationship with their loved ones.

Poor mental health could be both a product and the cause of alcohol abuse. Problems like depression, low self-esteem, extreme self-obsession or just being socially awkward can trigger alcohol abuse. Even if the addict does not have the problems before the addiction, excessive alcohol consumption aggravates it. Besides this, they also become prone to a host of illnesses.

How to go about the alcohol rehab

Convincing an addict to undergo rehabilitation is not easy. The first step towards recovery begins with acceptance. Of the different alcohol treatment centers, choose one that is equipped to wholly treat alcohol addiction and provide a support system to prevent re-occurrence. Treatments for alcohol abuse that involve only medication or only counselling or even a combination of the two may not be enough.

We are no regular alcohol detox centre. Our alcohol rehab programme is designed by a team of experts after comprehensive scientific research. Once a patient is admitted at Northern Arizona Center for Addiction, a host of tests and examinations to ascertain the physical and mental condition are conducted.

The 30-60-90 days holistic treatment programs includes administering medications that help restore the body to a more balanced state and fight the addiction. A team of friendly doctors and support staff at our alcohol rehab in Ontario, help patients deal with the psychological problems and motivate them. If required, the duration of the program is extended. Even after they leave our center, we provide a support system to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and prevent a relapse.

Fighting alcohol addiction is a continuous process and you have our back at each step.

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