88,000 people die every year due to excessive alcohol consumption as per a CDC survey. This makes alcohol abuse the 3rd highest cause of death in the U.S. If you are seeing a loved one abuse alcohol, raise the alarm bell before it’s too late. Other than causing death alcohol abuse can also lead the addict on to a slow death. It’s an irony that what begins as a casual drink to enjoy life results in making life a misery.

Binge drinking causes blackouts, memory loss and anxiety. Long-term alcohol abuse can cause serious reactions in the brain that can alter behaviour, ruin mental health and even cause brain damage. Besides, it can cause serious health implications that can affect every organ in the body, including the liver and heart. The loss of control over the body during the drunken state can make the person prone to injuries and accidents. It can also cause a person to become extremely aggressive and assault people around. Every aspect of the person’s life like emotional stability, finances, career and relationships deteriorate.

Treating alcohol addiction becomes extremely difficult because the addict does not see the drinking as a problem. The road to recovery begins with acceptance. At Northern Arizona Center for Addiction we motivate people to give up alcohol using a clinical approach. The holistic, well-researched program is open to adults from age of 18 to 65. The process begins with examinations to reveal the person’s physical and mental state. Based on the detailed investigations, a customised plan is chalked out that involves medications, counselling and also improving the person’s nutritional levels.

Like in case of any addiction, there is always a chance of relapse. Our Sober Living program is designed for those with severe addiction. It involves creating a support system where the addict lives with others and relearns life skills. Take the first step in helping your loved one overcome alcohol addictions so that they can lead a happy and healthy life again.

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