The reasons why people fall prey to drug abuse could vary from mental illness to peer pressure to social circle or just experiencing a high. Ironically, what starts off as an escape window pushes the addict into a darker version of reality.

Need for a holistic drug treatment

The treatment is not easy. Drug abuse alters the brain is such a way that it makes quitting hard even if the person wants to. Even those who successfully manage to complete the drug treatment always face the risk of a relapse.

Just a drug addiction treatment center may not be in a position to handle such a complex problem. We recognized the need for a 360 degree treatment and rehabilitation program. That’s how our holistic drug rehab center was started.

Drug treatment cannot be done by simply popping some medicines or doing a detox. The brain and body undergoes several chemical changes which need to be reversed. The person also need to be mentally empowered to say no to drugs day after day, month after month for a lifetime, irrespective of the place, situation or the people the patient is with.

Our treatment process

We use ‘Evidence-Based Practice’ (EBP) that are recognized and supported by the American Psychiatric Association and also the American Psychological Association. As per studies, this treatment method is known to be more effective than any regular treatment for drug abuse.

At our holistic drug rehab center, we do a complete assessment of the drug problem before the drug addiction detox begins. It includes a complete psychiatric assessment, physical examination, wellness and nutritional screenings. A detailed analysis of the case history is prepared. Following which the detox and drug addiction rehab begins. It involves medication for drug addiction, improving nutritional levels and restoring mental health backed by a supportive team of experts.

Our drug recovery program doesn’t end once the patient leaves the center. Our aim is to ensure that our patients are integrated back with the society and can go about living a normal life.

Drug addiction pushes the addict towards self-destruction and even death. Seek help now.

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