For many years cocaine was America’s designer drug of choice. In the 70s and 80s, it dominated dance clubs and executive boardrooms everywhere. There was really no place that it didn’t infiltrate, and it left a huge swath of Ruin behind it. People spent years recovering from cocaine addiction, and unfortunately it has made a comeback.

Cocaine has become more and more prevalent in recent years, and is being seen as a serious source of addiction. This is a stimulant drug that increases your heart rate and allows your body to release more adrenaline than necessary. It also has immediate effects that result in Euphoria and a feeling of artificial energy. Cocaine can cause you to lower your inhibitions, and can create very dangerous situations. This false sense of confidence has led many people down very destructive paths. They drive faster, talk louder, and think they’re capable of more than they actually are. Not only is this drug dangerous for the person who’s taking it, it’s also dangerous for the people who are around them.

Cocaine originated in the mountain ranges of South America. The farmers used to chew on the coca leaves as a way to alleviate stress and exhaustion. These Farmers also noticed that chewing on the coca leaves helped them to breathe better in higher altitudes. This is due to cocaine’s effect of causing the user to breathe more rapidly. After a Time, the public saw that these leaves could be manipulated to create a potent drug. They discovered how to extract the stimulant, and to create a white powder that could be snorted or ingested. From this powder came the more addictive form of cocaine often referred to as crack. This is an incredibly popular type of cocaine due to its availability and its low-cost. It’s often been associated with poverty and is considered a primary drug of the poor.

The effects of crack cocaine differ from standard cocaine in the in their length and potency. Crack induces an extremely strong high that only lasts for a short while. Cocaine has a bit of a more mellow high, but lasts for a much longer time. Either way, it becomes necessary to imbibe more and more of the drug in order to get any high at all. This is part of what makes the addiction to crack and standard cocaine so incredibly powerful. If you or someone you love is using cocaine, it’s important to find the treatments for cocaine addiction immediately. These are just some of the effects that cocaine use can have on your mind and body:

Euphoria and a Crash

Immediately after injecting, snorting, or smoking cocaine, the user is going to feel a sense of extreme Euphoria. This is due to the cocaine preventing the neurotransmitters in the brain from absorbing all of their standard chemicals. These chemicals build up in the brain and cause a serious sense of euphoria. The problem with cocaine is the fact that it’s very short-lived, and this sense of euphoria quickly turns into serious depression or aggression. The stronger the high, the more dangerous the crash is going to be.

The Heart

Cocaine is a stimulant. This means that it causes your heart to work harder, while restricting the blood vessels in your brain. This can lead to abnormal heart rhythms, or even deadly heart attacks. People who may not have been aware of heart problems can suddenly drop dead after just one dose of cocaine.

Lungs and Sinuses

Snorting the abrasive powder can actually strip out your sinuses and cause long-term sinus damage. Smoking cocaine can also have similar effects on your lungs, and can lead to emphysema and even death.

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