Addiction can turn up anywhere it has no discrepancies.

You can find it among the rich, the poor, and anyone in between. It’s a slow killing destroyer of life. Many people across the globe are affected by drug and alcohol addiction. Folks don’t become addicted by choice. Many people believe that once they take recreational drugs or a sip of alcohol they are under the impression that it will not affect them to the point of addiction.

No one grows up and says, “I want to be an addict.” Typically, that type of life is never on anyone’s agenda.

Those who have fallen under the spell of addiction and who live in Arizona are able to easily find the best rehab in Arizona. Research shows that Arizonians are among the highest population of people in the United States that require addiction treatment. This is because addiction is widespread among those residents beginning with the age of 12+. Less than 10% of this age group receives treatment for alcohol dependence or abuse. And 13.7% from age 12+ need to be treated for illicit drug abuse or dependence. Realistically speaking, that is a sad state of affairs when addictions begin at the early stage of life. It makes you wonder. Where is their hope for a brighter future?

However, there is a non-traditional methodology that is in place and it has a high success rate in treating drug and alcohol abuse. It is called Holistic Treatment and the professionals who work with this type of therapy have decades of experience and are able to take patients through the various stages of crisis intervention, and the inpatient and outpatient levels of care. And when it is time, their expertise will guide the patient every step of the way to the aftercare treatment and also provide them with alumni services.

Holistic services feel that a traditional addiction treatment tends to be punitive and oppressive. But holistic treatments tend to provide a fresh, evidence-based alternative to any twelve-step programs that are familiar with most traditional rehab centers. That is why when you find the best rehab in Arizona and enroll as a patient, you will see how their treatment plan will not only inspire you but this type of treatment also will nurture and empower you to change your life.

Holistic treatment centers also provide compelling alternatives to using drugs and introduce patients to a new way of achieving a sense of ease, comfort and belonging that will inspire them to embrace and engage in a drug-free lifestyle.

These types of natural treatment centers will have the patients participate in Trauma-Focused, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Somatic Experiencing.

Holistic Centers believe in a wholesome approach because they believe it is imperative to treat the mind, body, and soul. When a patient’s stress level is decreased their immunity and psychological resilience is boosted and can help their body cope better, heal more quickly and maintain a state that will allow the patient to return to a healthy lifestyle.

Also, rather than subscribe the patient to the “disease concept of addiction”, they prefer to address the whole person. Therefore, they provide the type of care that is indigenous to an intensive big-hearted style, which helps the patient really get into the proper mindset of overcoming their addiction.

So, if you or someone you know needs help with substance abuse, why not check out a Holistic Drug and Alcohol Center somewhere near you in the sunny state of Arizona.

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