There are alternatives to traditional therapies for addiction that make a bigger difference to patients, according to experts. Whether you or somebody that you know is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both, the decision to book into a rehabilitation program is always tough for an individual.

Holistic rehab, however, is different. If you check into a holistic drug rehab center, the purpose will be the same: to achieve sobriety and begin the recovery process, but holistic rehab tends to go in a different direction than where traditional rehab programs go, some directions, which you may prefer.

Holistic rehab is designed to treat the mind, spirit, and body. When checking into a holistic rehab treatment program, expect to experience different procedures that may be more effective as well as enjoyable than ordinary therapy sessions. The traditional events in the rehabilitation process include psychotherapy, support groups, and self help procedures. Holistic rehabilitation, however, offers what these procedures cannot, and it is a sound connection between the body and mind.

The process of overcoming addiction from drugs and/or alcohol takes a long period of time. Sometimes, the time needed to completely heal maybe seems too long. People who are impatient will turn to a detox center, to quickly rid themselves of harmful substances in their bodies, and assume they are 100 percent clean. But do not be fooled, as detox does nothing to cure a person of an addiction. While toxins are removed from the body, that is only the first of several steps that a patient must commit to in order to officially overcome addiction and prevent the case of relapse.

From detox, patients will likely pick up their drug or alcohol addiction again, sooner or later, and continue to visit places and see people that cause their addictions in the first place. The patient needs to learn about the harmful results of addiction, receive proper counseling, and practice strategies to cope from drug and alcohol treatment.

Holistic rehab includes group sessions, psychotherapy, and the 12-step program as well. In addition to this, holistic rehab provides a tailored experience for patients, and trains them for a fun, healthy, and proactive lifestyle away from harmful toxins.

Holistic rehab, however, is not a new craze or marketing tactic; the practice has been first documented by the ancient Chinese and Indians over 5000 years ago. Rather than the treatment of one part of the body, the idea was that living healthy leads to a healthy and happy life. It was not until the 1970s where these practices were first adopted in rehab centers in the United States.

But what can one expect when checked into a holistic rehab program? Most of these rehab centers do not take place in an uncomfortable hospital environment, but instead take place in one that is warm and welcoming to patients. These centers provide patients with multiple different recreational and fitness activities to help bolster the mind, spirit, and body. Having a sound mind, spirit, and body are important for living productively without the need for substance abuse ever again.

Not every holistic drug rehab center is the same; some offer a strong focus on one activity, while others offer a balance of smaller activities, so which ones are better than others for a given patient would be solely up to the patient.

Some activities include meditation, massage therapy, relaxation techniques, auricular acupuncture, imagery therapy, qigong, neuro-feedback, and yoga. As you can tell by this list, there are many relaxing ways to rehab, but keep in mind that patients are there for a good purpose.

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