Cocaine goes by numerous different names, including:

Base, blow, crack, coke, cola, flake, hubba, lady, pasta, pestillos, rock, and toot.

The most common of these names are crack and coke, although some of these names refer to kinds of cocaine that are ingested by alternative methods.

The average user of cocaine is in between the ages of 20 to 40, and was a serious craze during the 1980s, but that doesn’t mean that cases of cocaine addiction haven’t died out. Hundreds of thousands of visits to the emergency room each year are linked to abuse of cocaine alone.

You can seek help for yourself for somebody that you know from the best rehab in the USA. Overdosing is a severe problem as it can negatively impact an individual’s short and long term future. If you see the signs of an overdose, intervention is necessary to prevent any more bodily harm happening to the user.

There are many signs you can look for if you suspect somebody that you know taking cocaine. A shortened straw or a dollar bill that is rolled up are two ways that a user can inhale the powdery substance through his or her nostrils. Other indicators can be razor blades, vials, tourniquets, blow pipes, and needles that a user might use to inhale through the mouth, or insert or inject cocaine into his or her own skin.

The symptoms for a cocaine overdose include pupils that are dilated, an excess amount of sweat, tremors, and red marks on a person’s skin that can indicate where a needle might have gone. Changes in behavior may include the isolation of hyperexcitability, mood swings, delusions, hallucinations, defensiveness, secretive attitude, confusion, and paranoia.

Other symptoms to take note of are an increase in blood pressure, physical activity, a decrease in concentration, restlessness, and a continued absence from work or school. Psychologists from the best rehab in the USA can easily detect most of these symptoms.

Cocaine can play a very harmful role in the operation of a human body. People consume cocaine to get feeling of happiness and excitement, but this gives them hyperactivity and the inability to stand or sit still for a period of time. This is very similar to sugar, as sugar is also white and powdery in appearance to cocaine. However, cocaine can also get in the way of normal sleeping habits or eliminate them entirely. A user breathes faster in shorter breaths when high on cocaine, due to the spike in his or her blood pressure. These symptoms can last for up to a half an hour, but can tend to get longer, the longer that the user since has first gotten high on the drug. It is possible to die from even one use of cocaine.

Believe it or not, the long term effects are even deadlier than short term effects. The smoking of cocaine over time can cause damage to the lining of the lungs, and inhaling it through the nostrils can lead to ulcers in a person’s nasal cavities. Hallucinations and paranoia might be more severe after repeated usage of the drug, and changes in personality become more noticeable to other people. A user might behave more defensively or violently after constant use of cocaine.

If you know somebody that could be high on cocaine or another substance, it is important that they get help to stop their drug addiction right away.

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