Here at Northern Arizona Center for Addiction, we fully realize the complex, and unique struggle that each individual faces in his or her journey toward recovery.  This is why we not only focus on assisting our clients in getting clean and healthy while they stay with us, but we also concentrate on working to make their re-integration into life before addiction a successful and purposeful transition.  We realize that for many, resuming a sense of normalcy following addiction can be just as difficult as overcoming the addiction itself.  

We know from research in the field of addiction treatment just how vital addressing the issues of housing, education, vocational training and employment can be as part of sobriety.  It’s for this reason that we choose to implement comprehensive social integration strategies as part of our treatment focus – because we truly believe that your success is also ours.  

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Our Approach

At NACA, our medical team utilizes a holistic approach in their treatment that both complements and builds on the unique needs of the individual.  We bring up-to-date knowledge on the most current research with an emphasis on the vital, basic building blocks in each of us, necessary for the body, mind, and spirit to all work together as one.  Upon admission, our clients receive a full psychiatric assessment to determine if any underlying psychiatric disorders may be complicating their ability to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Additionally, our clients also receive thorough physical examinations, in addition to wellness and nutritional screenings to identify any concerns present that may also need to be addressed during their treatment.  In conjunction with this, full laboratory analyses are then conducted to identify any irregularities present in vitamin levels, thyroid function, liver and kidney function, lipid and glucose levels, as well as adrenal function and sex hormone levels.

Here at NACA, we understand the connection between these physiological components and the related issues they may precipitate in an individual’s ability to maintain sobriety.  Our medical staff here not only utilizes various allopathic forms of treatment, they also monitor and provide any vitamins, minerals, botanicals, herbs necessary to bring the body back into a balanced state.


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