The use of methamphetamines has seen an uptick in the last two decades. Even with pharmacies curtailing their use of medications that can be used to make the drug, there’s still been a boom in meth production throughout the country. Meth is often created in Labs designed to produce very large quantities very quickly. Some of these labs are portable, and can be very difficult for drug enforcement officers to locate and shut down. There are also local Labs located throughout the Midwest that ship out to many different spots throughout the country. This means that this is a drug that is extremely accessible and extremely addictive. Not only is it dangerous, it’s also plentiful and Fairly cheap. This is why meth has become one of the worst problems in America today.

The first time that somebody uses methamphetamines, they may feel an extreme sense of euphoria. They feel more alert and able to do things that they would have otherwise been uncomfortable with. This fantastic feeling is what drives them to continue using the drug. Unfortunately, this sense of well-being and Euphoria is false.

People may participate in riskier behaviors because they have a sense of manufactured self-confidence. This is more dangerous than they realize, and they find themselves in bad situations. As time goes on, it will take more and more of the drug to have any effect on the person. Meth can rob the brain of its ability to create certain chemicals. This means that the user becomes dependent on the drug to wake up, and to function.

After a while, this continued use takes a real toll on the mind and body. Meth users are notoriously unstable. The altered state of consciousness mixed with a lack of sleep can be a horrific combination. Sometimes, meth users can enter a state of psychosis. This is when they often hurt themselves or other people. It’s terrifying to realize just how close to losing control some of these people are. There are times when people think that using a drug only once is acceptable. Meth is one of those drugs that just doesn’t let people go. People with meth addiction face an extremely long and difficult road to recovery. If you think that someone you know may be using methamphetamine, look for some of these signs:

Erratic Hyper Behavior

Methamphetamine can make people extremely energetic and impulsive. If someone you know is suddenly unable to sit still, and producing ideas that aren’t thought through, they may be using. This could be a symptom of behavioral problems, but if there is a sudden onset of bizarre decision making in adults, you should be concerned. Watch for them to attempt things that they otherwise would have avoided. A person on meth doesn’t realize their own limitations.

Weight Loss and Yellowing Skin

Sudden weight loss and a yellow pallor can also indicate extensive meth use. These people may also appear to be very pale and will have dark circles under their eyes. Their hair may be stringy, greasy, and even falling out due to malnutrition. This is not a healthy look.

Damaged Teeth and Clenched Jaw

Methamphetamine makes people very tense, and they have a need to constantly move. They often grind their teeth or work their jaw when sitting still. They will also experience dry mouth which leads to an accelerated rate of tooth decay. This, coupled with malnutrition will cause teeth to appear yellow or even to rot out of the mouth. Pay attention to any picking at facial sores as well. These people will often appear to have very bad acne, or open wounds all over their bodies.

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