Alcoholism can often start out as an innocuous or socially acceptable habit. People kind of see it as a rite of passage, and that 21st birthday rolls around and they’re expected to go out and party. Many people survive this stage in their lives unscathed. But, there are some that don’t understand their limits, or are predisposed to addictive behaviors. Many of these people will turn into problem drinkers. These are there people who don’t feel that they can be socially acceptable unless they’ve been drinking. This often leads to a physical dependency, and then to full-blown alcoholism later on in life. Alcoholism is a particularly nasty addiction because of the way that the body becomes physically dependent on the drug itself. It strips the brain of many of its vital chemicals, and the addict is unable to function normally without the alcohol. It’s also accompanied by some of the most vicious withdrawal symptoms out of any other drug. It can be likened to heroin and to benzodiazepines when someone is forced to suddenly stop drinking.

These types of serious withdrawals generally only happen to people who have been serious drinkers for many years consistently. Their bodies have become so dependent on the intake of alcohol to function, that they no longer make some of the necessary brain chemicals. This often means that they undergo a serious transformation physiologically after they stop drinking. There are times when these people require medical hospitalization to get through with the withdrawal period. They will sometimes go into seizures, physical shock, experienced a great deal of pain, fever, and even death in severe instances. This can be a terrifying hurdle for those who are trying to stop drinking. Many people stop drinking to feel social or to feel good, and end up doing it just to feel normal. This is one of the most terrifying Staples of alcoholism.

The best way to seek help is to look into holistic alcohol treatment. These are often programs that treat both the mind and the body. Addiction is rarely just a physiological issue. It’s often something that can be attributed to a deep-seated psychological problem. Many people who develop alcoholism also suffer from some kind of mental illness and they were simply trying to self-medicate by using the alcohol. This is a sad situation, and one that often leaves the addict in need of several different types of care. Holistic treatment actually looks at the addiction from all facets.

The addiction to alcohol can often be broken down into three extremely broad stages. The first stage is a dependence on alcohol to alter or control their mood. People will often use alcohol as a way to feel more social or simply to feel happy. There are other times when they self medicate in order to control their behavior, or to help themselves go to sleep. This can very quickly turn into a full-on addiction.

As the addict enters into the second stage, they begin to become more concerned with alcohol. They’ll constantly worry about whether or not they have it, and it will begin to dominate a huge part of their day. They can still function, but the use of alcohol will have definitely become noticeable at this point.

The last stage of alcoholism involves a complete and total obsession with the drug. The addict is going to take every opportunity they can find to drink, and they’ll never be without some sort of alcohol on their person. This is to avoid withdrawals, and to keep themselves feeling as normal as possible. It’s at this point that the addict definitely needs professional help in order to return to their normal lives. You can come back from this, but you can’t do it alone.

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