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Our rehab facility.

Environment can play a vital role in the healing process.

Northern Arizona Center for Addiction (NACA) is nestled in the pines and mountain geography of Prescott, Arizona — about 100 miles north of Phoenix and 100 miles south of the Grand Canyon.

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Our Treatment Center's Location and Community

Our holistic treatment and rehab center's outdoor setting is serene, beautiful, and private with cozy patio areas for lounging and relaxing.

Inside, the center is equipped with individual therapy rooms, meeting rooms, group therapy rooms, executive suites, and a comfortable reception and waiting area.

Our comfortable living accommodations include spacious, home-like bedrooms in a 4500-square foot home overlooking Prescott.

This space provides for the needs of patients, therapists, and our medical team as we work together on helping everyone who enters our doors achieve full recovery.

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What Recovery Looks Like in Prescott, Arizona

At an elevation a mile above sea level, the climate is ideal with temperatures rarely exceeding 90 degrees during the summer, and with mild winter days in the 50s. The quiet, peaceful atmosphere in the heart of the Bradshaw Mountains easily lends itself to introspection, thought work, and holistic recovery.

Prescott itself has a very strong recovery support community, and many of our alumni choose to stay and live in the area after their graduation. The outdoor environment is conducive to healing and overcoming addictions and the supportive nature of the close-knit community is unique.

Benefits of Residential Treatment at NACA

Everything you need for a full recovery is available here at our facility and each element was purposefully planned to maximize your healing and minimize distractions.

In addition to our living areas, therapy rooms and group meeting spaces, our facility is fully equipped to offer on-site clinical lab services and medical care.

Our goal is to make our facility as comfortable and relaxing as possible. We believe we have accomplished just that at NACA.

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Our treatment philosphy.

At Northern Arizona Center for Addiction, we believe that healing of the body, mind and spirit are all necessary to overcome substance abuse. We offer a wide range of rehab options in order to facilitate your personal recovery. Our clients can go through drug and alcohol rehabilitation in a safe, comfortable environment, with holistic plans customized to their needs.