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Our alcohol and drug rehab philosophy.

Northern Arizona Center for Addiction (NACA) is a holistic drug rehab.

This means that our medical team utilizes a well-rounded, client-focused approach to treatment in each of our programs.

Instead of focusing on substance abuse alone - which is often merely a symptom of a deeper problem - our approach caters to the unique needs of each individual we treat.

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Pillars of our addiction treatment approach.

At every level of care, we utilize up-to-date knowledge on the most current research in order to attend to the body, mind, and spirit.

Our patients receive complete medical and psychological care, scientifically-grounded therapy, and tangible guidance for life after treatment.

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Full medical care.


Evidence-based practices.


Holistic reintegration.

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    Full medical care.

    Upon admission, all patients receive a full psychiatric assessment. This helps determine if any underlying psychiatric disorders may be complicating their ability to achieve and maintain sobriety.

    Our clients also receive thorough physical examinations, including wellness and nutritional screenings to identify any concerns that may need to be addressed during treatment. Full laboratory analyses are then conducted for each client. This helps to identify any irregularities present in:

    • vitamin levels
    • thyroid function
    • liver and kidney function
    • lipid and glucose levels
    • adrenal function
    • sex hormone levels

    We understand the connection between physiological components and mental health concerns as they relate to sobriety. Our medical staff not only utilizes various traditional forms of treatment, but also monitors and provides any vitamins, minerals, botanicals, or herbs necessary to bring the body back into a balanced state.

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    Evidence-based practices.

    When seeking out a holistic drug rehab, it is important to know the type of treatment you will be receiving. Just as there are a variety of medical health care providers, there are also many treatment types offered for substance use disorders.

    Not all treatment types are backed up with scientific evidence. That's why at NACA, you'll only find “Evidence-Based Practices,” or EBPs, being used. Unlike other forms of treatment, EBPs are supported by both the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association.

    EBPs have been shown to be among the most effective addiction and mental health treatments currently offered anywhere. They have been studied and shown to be more effective for individuals in need, both short- and long-term, when compared to a variety of other forms of treatment that are available. This is exactly the reason we have chosen to provide this type of care.

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    Holistic Reintegration

    Here at Northern Arizona Center for Addiction, we fully realize the complex and unique struggle that each individual faces in their journey toward recovery. This is why we focus not only on assisting our clients in getting clean and healthy while they stay with us, but also on working to make their reintegration into the community a successful and purposeful transition.

    We realize that for many, resuming a sense of normalcy following addiction can be just as difficult as overcoming the addiction itself. Research shows just how vital addressing the issues of housing, education, vocational training, and employment can be to maintaining sobriety.

    It's for this reason that we choose to implement comprehensive social integration strategies in our program. We truly believe that your success is also ours.

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