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Photo of a group of people clinking beer bottles.

The Risks of Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is excessive use of alcohol during a short amount of time. Learn why people binge drink, what the risks are, and how to stop.
Image of a healthy-looking young man smiling happily.

20 Tips for Recovering from Drug & Alcohol Addiction: Part 2

Ten more tips on healing and living life free from drug and alcohol abuse.
Photo of someone's hands gripping a chain link fence. Hero image for "5 of the most dangersous drugs" article.

5 of the Most Dangerous Drugs

Which substances are the most hazardous to your health?
Image of someone peering into a dark hole in the ground, from the inside. Hero image for Hitting Rock Bottom Article.

Hitting Rock Bottom

What is "rock bottom?" Do you have to get there before you seek help for your addiction?
Photo of a group of people sitting and talking casually while watching a sunset from a mountaintop. Hero image for Meth Addiction Treatment Blog

Meth Addiction Treatment

Meth addiction can overwhelm an individual’s entire life. This is what it takes to recover.

Signs of Meth Use and Addiction

Meth use is life-altering but can be hard to identify. It is important to understand the signs, symptoms, and side effects of meth addiction.
Photo of a man wearing green clothing and face paint drinking beer from a large mug in front of  a city skyline. No text. Hero image for St. Patrick's Day and Binge Drinking Article.

St. Patrick’s Day and Binge Drinking: A Brief History

Why do people drink excessively on St. Patty's? Can you enjoy it sober?
Image of Jared Leto in Requiem for a Dream. Hero Image for Movies About Addiction: Are They Accurate?

Movies About Addiction: How Realistic Are They?

Are movies about alcohol and drug addiction anything like real life?
Photo of a contemplative-looking man holding a beer bottle. Signs of Alcoholism Hero Image.

Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol Use Disorder has many stages and levels of severity. Here are some signs to look out for if you think you or someone you know could have AUD.