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Prescott Sober Living

We strive to provide the best quality of care not just in group therapy or individual therapy, but also when it comes to client’s housing and residential setting.

Our Prescott Sober Living Environment (also known as SLE) is proven to be a successful way of placing addicts new to recovery or coming off a relapse into a safe environment where they can succeed, while also mastering important life skills that will come in handy after a client has completed his or her treatment plan.

Women's Sober Living Prescott AZ

We also have our dedicated women’s sober living Prescott AZ. There we provide a practical Prescott sober living separated from members of the opposite sex. The women’s sober living Prescott AZ is a great place to build a foundation in early recover and extend 90-days into 6-12 months of sobriety. Having women’s sober living Prescott AZ allows women to focus on their recovery while living in a safe, hospitable environment. Because our women’s sober living Prescott AZ is an extension of our IOP and PHP programs, it has the same Northern Arizona Center of Addiction standard of excellence.

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Prescott Sober Living

What Is Sober Living Like?

If a person’s addiction was severe, then it is best that he or she be surrounded by support and assistance along the way to their journey to long term recovery. While living in a sober living environment, clients will share a house with 4 to 8 other clients and will be responsible for;

  • Waking up on time
  • Getting a job
  • Making it to group or individual therapy sessions
  • Making meetings
  • Getting involved in service work or charity
  • Completing house chores and keeping the house clean
  • Being respectful to housemates
  • Cooking their own meals

Essentially, a person who has gone through intense addiction treatment is often starting a new life and relearning many important life skills. During this time, he or she is no longer spending time with drug-using friends. Instead, they are attending 12-step meetings, forming new friendships based upon sobriety and healthy interactions, and learning more and more about themselves. Sober living homes are often also called halfway houses because someone is making their transition to a new and sober life.

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