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Residential Treatment Center

Our residential treatment center strives to offer the best quality of care in our treatment programs and therapy protocols.   We strive to provide a healing environment in our clients’ housing and residential settings.

When clients first come to Northern Arizona Center for Addiction, they enter our full-time residential living facility.  In this safe, comfortable environment we can provide around-the-clock, medically supervised treatment programs.  The time spent in residential living varies from client to client.  However, residential usually lasts 3-4 weeks.  This gives patients time to detox, stabilize, and begin their recovery toward sobriety.

In residential living we provide full medical assessments, lab work, psychiatric and therapeutic evaluations, and develop individualized treatment programs.  When you decide to come to NACA’s residential living facility you will receive specialized attention from our expert clinical support staff.  This is where your healing will begin.

After you are ready to move out of residential living, we will help you make the transition to our sober living environment.

Sober Living Environment

The Sober Living Environment (SLE) is the next step in your journey to recovery.  Sober living is proven to be a successful way of placing former addicts into a safe environment where they can succeed and re-establish good habits.  While you are living in the SLE you will progress through the other stages of your treatment.  These include our partial hospitalization program (PHP), our intensive outpatient program (IOP), and aftercare.  The Sober Living Environment also plays a key role in allowing clients to master important life skills that will serve and assist them after they have completed their treatment plan.

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What is Sober Living Like?

Especially if a person’s addiction is severe, it is best that he or she be surrounded by support and assistance as they progress along the way to long-term recovery.  While living in a sober living environment, clients will share a house with 4 to 8 other clients and be responsible for:

  • Waking up on time
  • Getting a job
  • Attending group or individual therapy sessions
  • Making it to 12-step meetings
  • Getting involved in service work or charity
  • Completing house chores and keeping the house clean
  • Cooking their own meals
  • Being respectful to housemates

Why Sober Living?

Essentially, a person who has gone through intense addiction treatment is often starting a new life and relearning many important life skills. This is an opportunity for clients to practice making good choices with their time and energy, while still getting intensive therapy and working through trauma.  During this time, he or she is no longer spending time with drug-using friends.  Instead, they are busy in therapy, attending 12-step meetings, forming new friendships based on sober, healthy interactions, and learning more about themselves. They are learning how to accept and manage responsibilities in a supportive, encouraging environment.  Sober living homes are sometimes also called halfway houses because clients are making their transition to a new and sober life.

At Northern Arizona Center for Addiction our sober living environment is a critical piece of the recovery puzzle.  It provides a way for clients to undergo the important therapy work done in our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP), while developing important life skills in preparation for life outside rehab.  This environment is a vital part of our holistic approach to complete healing from addiction.

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