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outpatient treatment

flexible part-time therapy and counseling.

Our outpatient rehab program focuses on teaching skills and providing patients with the tools to become active, productive members of society. Our case managers support each client on an individual basis to ensure their success after they complete their rehabilitation program.

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why outpatient treatment?

Outpatient rehab at NACA focuses on healing the whole person. This philosophy continues to guide our actions as we prepare clients for life after rehab. When graduates leave an addiction recovery program, it can naturally be very overwhelming and intimidating to start what is essentially a new life. At Northern Arizona Center for Addiction, we don’t leave this transition to chance. We know that the right support can make all the difference for our clients who have done the hard work of recovery and now have to do the equally hard work of living a rewarding and sober life.

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our outpatient treatment program focuses on:

legal issues

We assist clients experiencing any legal issues, correspond with any documentation the judicial system may require; upcoming court cases, open DCF cases, probation,etc.

health & medical treatment

Patients receive information, resources, and transportation for health care services. Our team also provides medical, psychiatric and therapeutic referral post-treatment.

community resources

We make information on community resources available and accessible for all clients.


Clients receive assistance and education regarding the Family Medical Leave act, short-term disability, resume building, job searches, and vocational training.


We supply information, resources and transportation related to obtaining a GED, starting college courses, and attending trade schools.

financial matters

We help clients understand and navigate financial responsibility (bills), financial problems, and budgeting (personal finance skill-building).

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Our treatment philosphy.

At Northern Arizona Center for Addiction, we believe that healing of the body, mind and spirit are all necessary to overcome substance abuse. We offer a wide range of rehab options in order to facilitate your personal recovery. Our clients can go through drug and alcohol rehabilitation in a safe, comfortable environment, with holistic plans customized to their needs.

Ready to get help?

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We accept most major insurances, including:

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  • Humana
  • UMR
  • Aetna

Our Admissions Process.

After your call, a caring professional will walk you through admissions step by step.

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