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partial hospitalization

flexible, full-time live-in therapy.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a step down from inpatient treatment and is sometimes referred to as “day-treatment.” In PHP, we offer a medically-supervised program that combines comprehensive clinical treatments with intensive substance abuse therapy.

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a crucial step in the recovery process.

When clients first come to Northern Arizona Center for Addiction, they spend time in our residential treatment center. Here they discontinue any use of alcohol and drugs, undergo medical detox if necessary, and begin their individualized treatment protocols and therapy work. After completing inpatient treatment, they will begin our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).

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our partial hospitalization program.

Our PHP patients spend about 30 days in therapy groups which meet several times a day. This provides structured and focused treatment, and then clients return to the sober living facility at night.

Not only does this give clients a safe and ordered environment in which they can deal with many underlying issues, but it also gives them an adequate amount of time to readjust before reintegrating into regular, day-to-day life.

By going through intensive group and individual therapy in the PHP program, many clients are often more successful in avoiding relapse at a time when they are most vulnerable to cravings.

We value each step in the process towards recovery. PHP plays a critical part in the rehab process, slowly stepping patients from full-time residential treatment to carefully monitored and therapeutically intensive daytime care.

As patients progress through all the levels of treatment, they are more prepared to successfully navigate life after treatment.

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Our treatment philosphy.

At Northern Arizona Center for Addiction, we believe that healing of the body, mind and spirit are all necessary to overcome substance abuse. We offer a wide range of rehab options in order to facilitate your personal recovery. Our clients can go through drug and alcohol rehabilitation in a safe, comfortable environment, with holistic plans customized to their needs.

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