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A personal touch is everything and a warm, caring approach is what we believe in.

When you call or come to Northern Arizona Center for Addiction you will be greeted by one of our caring team members. You can be assured that throughout your journey you will always receive the highest level of care from leaders and experts in addiction recovery.

Headshot Photo of our Medical Director, Dr. Lisa Parsons, M.D. - Medical Director
Dr. Lisa Parsons


Medical Director

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Dr. Parsons knew from a young age that she would one day become a doctor. She received her Bachelor
of Arts in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University where she graduated summa cum laude. She went
to Medical School at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan. Next was her Internship and
Psychiatric Residency at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix Arizona. Dr. Parsons went on to
work at Banner Thunderbird Hospital doing Consult Liaison work on the medical floors, in the ER and
psychiatric ER, as well as working on the inpatient psychiatric unit. She them moved to Prescott Arizona
and became Medical Director at a large community mental health center called West Yavapai Guidance

The experience obtained through those years brought her to the awareness that Psychiatric illness
including addiction are much more than brain disorders and treatment needs to include the whole
person. In fact, sometimes the originating imbalance isn’t located in the brain at all. This lead her on a
quest to understand whole body causes of psychiatric symptoms and search for holistic treatments for
the originating problem. She received certification from ‘Integrative Medicine for Mental Health’ and
has continued to expand her knowledge with them. She has collaborated with colleagues in the
community and across the country that are experienced in Integrative Medicine as well. She has
received certification in Functional Medicine approaches to treatment through the ‘Integrative Medicine
Academy’. Most recently she was certified by ‘The Wash Research Institute’ in Nutritional Medicine.

This experience has led to her to a treatment style of combining Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine,
Functional Medicine and Nutritional Medicine approaches to alleviate psychiatric symptoms and

As her understanding of these effective approaches expands, her potential to help people create
positive change in their lives has grown as well. This enriched treatment repertoire has strengthened her
fund of knowledge and deepened her gratitude for being a part of positive change.

Headshot of Amy Thein
Amy Thein

Psych Nurse Practitioner

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Headshot of Dr. Barbara Brooks, our N.D. at Northern Arizona Center for Addiction.
Dr. Barbara Brooks


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Headshot of Sean Parsons, our executive director.
Sean Parsons

Executive Director

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Sean Parsons has been with Northern Arizona Center for Addiction for 3 years and has been working in the behavioral health field for 4 years. He started as a Housing Technician specializing in supervision and client care. As the Program Director he managed outpatient operations of the facility and is now primarily accountable for business administration and company finances. His field of study is Applied Science of Business Management and is also a certified professional life coach. Sean’s mission is to ensure Northern Arizona Center for Addiction and it’s employees operate with the highest level of integrity and dedication to the patients they serve.

anna_holly (1)

Anna Holly


Clinical Director

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Dr. Rex Smyly, Psy. D, started working in the field over 21 years ago.  He has worked in both the public and private sectors, and in both mental health and chemical dependency units, ranging from detox to outpatient levels of care.  Dr. Smyly earned his Psy. D degree from Southern California University in 2006.  He has been a licensed counselor since 2003.  He is an Arizona State Board of Behavioral Health registered supervisor, and licensed through the Board of Behavioral Health as an independent Substance Abuse Counselor.  Furthermore, he holds certifications as a Doctoral level Addictions Counselor, Certified Behavioral Therapist, Certified Forensic Counselor, Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, and Certified Criminal Justice Counselor, through the Board of National Forensic Counselors.


Dr. Smyly believes strongly in the biopsychosocial/disease model, and believes the whole person must be treated in order for one to truly recover and return to a level of balance in their life.  That includes developing an alcohol and drug free lifestyle, and tools for maintaining sustainability.  Dr. Smyly’s personal philosophy is when desire becomes equal to or greater than the necessity for change, then change becomes possible.  Change begins with one person at a time, one day at a time, and one change at a time.

Harrison Spiegel, our clinical supervisor

Harrison Spiegel


Clinical Supervisor

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Harrison has been working in the addiction and mental health field since 2013. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Human Development from Prescott College in addition to extensive education in Biology and Neuroscience from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Harrison brings a balanced, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and holistic (whole person) supervisory approach to our clinical team helping to ensure a comprehensive treatment experience for each person as an individual with individual strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences.

Harrison utilizes his experiences as a recovering addict and alcoholic in providing both oversight of treatment and in direct clinical contact. Harrison shares a passion for assisting others through the early phases of the recovery process. He is dedicated to ensuring that every person in our care receives the support and attention that they need in order to be successful in overcoming addiction and mental health issues.

Amy Williams, Primary Therapist

Amy Williams


Primary Therapist

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Amy Williams been working in the addiction recovery since 2013. Amy Williams has worked in many facets within treatment centers from support staff to primary therapist.  The experience that Amy Williams has obtained throughout the years has allowed her to be able to understand how to work with the individual needs of each client. Amy Williams obtained her MS in addiction counseling in 2013 and a MS in psychology in 2017 from Grand Canyon University.  Amy Williams obtained a LASAC in 2018.

Photo of Taylor Simon, a Primary Therapist at NACA

Taylor Simon


Primary Therapist

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Headshot of Tracey Cole, one of our three primary Therapists.

Tracey Cole


Primary Therapist

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Headshot of a standing Nick Lodato

Nick Lodato

Case Manager

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I arrived to Prescott Arizona back in 2015 to seek substance abuse treatment and have been in recovery for 3 years. I have been working in the recovery field for approximately 2 years. I find passion and purpose through helping others who struggle with substance abuse addiction and do my best every day to provide the best care for those who are seeking help. I have hope that anyone who is reaching out for help has the potential to heal and better their lives just as many of us have and that motivates me each day to continue to grab the hand that is reaching out for help and to guide them unto this journey of recovery!

Headshot of Rudi Manson, our Medical Coordinator.

Rudi Manson

Medical Coordinator

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Headshot of Jake Passo, our admissions coordinator.

Jake Posso

B.A. - Psychology

Admissions Coordinator

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Jake is a life long Arizona resident as well as a recovering addict himself. He has been working in treatment for 5 years now and graduated ASU with A Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.

Headshot of Timothy Yahl, our Residential Director

Timothy Yahl

Residential Director

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Ty has worked in the industry for almost 4+ years. Last year he became a B.H.T. in the addiction treatment field. He is currently the Residential Director and manages many aspects of the Residential Treatment Program.

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