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Women's Sober Living Prescott AZ

We also have our dedicated women’s sober living Prescott AZ. There we provide a practical Prescott sober living separated from members of the opposite sex. The women’s sober living Prescott AZ is a great place to build a foundation in early recover and extend 90-days into 6-12 months of sobriety. Having women’s sober living allows women to focus on their recovery while living in a safe, hospitable environment. Because our women’s sober living Prescott AZ is an extension of our IOP and PHP programs, it has the same Northern Arizona Center of Addiction standard of excellence.


We organize and facilitate women-only group activities throughout the week. These range from hiking in beautiful Arizona to swimming at Slide Rock State Park. These trips encourage bonding between women in a healthy environment. Great changes are evident after group activities.


Some of our activities include, but are not limited to:


  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Sports (Volleyball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Recovery Conferences
  • Opportunity to job search
  • Interview Coaching


The list goes on. All these activities are either women-friendly or women-only. We have seen incredible progress from women who engage in these activities. They see that they can be happy and sociable without drugs and alcohol.


At our Women’s Sober Living Prescott AZ, apart from providing a living environment apart from males, we offer services that cater directly to females in recovery. Here are just a few:


  • Female-only group therapy
  • Female specific personal mentor
  • Women counselors specializing in working with females specifically
  • Support from female house managers and staff
  • Access to recovering female leaders in the area


These are just a few of the female focused services we offer. We have many women come through our program and stay sober for a long time. They also say they enjoyed their time in our program.

A strong foundation for long-term sobriety

Sober living is not just a sober living environment. It is a foundation for long-term sobriety. While many will choose to go out on their own after 90-days, some choose to continue their treatment at a lower level of care. Staying close to others in recovery and slowly working to move out after about a year enables recovering addicts an opportunity to take it easy on themselves. Living on your own can be very challenging, especially in recovery. 1 year or even 6 months of continuous sobriety makes a huge difference.


Addicts that choose sober living are generally much more serious about their recovery. It is the best option to after-care and a cheap way to grow in recovery. Those that refuse sober living when it is offered them are giving up a valuable opportunity. It also raises flags when someone in recovery adamantly refuses sober living. They may not want increased accountability. They may also be planning to get high again.