Xanax Withdrawal

Xanax is a prescription drug used to combat anxiety. It does the job well, but only for a short period of time. It is intended only for only 2-weeks of use, as a temporary fix. Instead of that, doctors prescribe Xanax for months to years. The problem is that patients have trouble getting off Xanax because of the strong withdrawal symptoms. This forces them to keep taking the drug in order to feel normal and avoid the pain of withdrawal. When patients have been taking Xanax for over a year, they become very dependent on it. If their supply runs out or they simply want to discontinue use, it is no easy task.


In an appropriate environment, such as a detox facility, withdrawing from Xanax is safe and comfortable. Because some of the side effects of withdrawal are extremely dangerous, admitting into a detox facility is necessary.


But many may not know the dangers of Xanax withdrawal and may try to go cold turkey by themselves. Detoxing alone is terribly dangerous and puts patients’ lives at risk. Here is a timeline for withdrawing from Xanax, alone.


Colorful infographic containing information about Xanax withdrawal


Xanax dependency makes getting off Xanax difficult. The withdrawal symptoms are some of the worst out of any drug. It is necessary for anyone stopping their Xanax to at least check into a detox so they can be professionally supervised. For those that have the desire to get off Xanax, there is hope. With professional help from a detox facility and a willingness to quit, it is possible to stop taking Xanax and not experience the its withdrawal effects.


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